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Default [S9, J3, X7] Lynx v1.1.18 (2011/06/22)

Latest Version: v1.1.18; released on 2011/06/22



PlugIns and Widgets

Photos - Lynx in Daily Life

Lynx @ MediaFire


Version History

- Initial release

- Added new theme to Clock Widget
- Added Startup Actions PlugIn
- Fixed Brightness and Bluetooth Widgets
- Fixed Custom Icons

- Converted shutdown, sleep and lock icons to custom icons
- Added option to show current album art as wallpaper in Lock Screen: Settings > Security > Album Art Wallpaper
- Fixed bug that custom icons disappear from folders

- Made Clock Widget: Android Theme 12h compatible
- Fixed that icons, widgets and folders disappear if the number of desktops is set two '2'
- Fixed that the time isn't always 12h format in Event Manager (if 12h format is enabled in Cowon's settings)

- Improved External Widgets support
- Added Radio Mode compatibility to Music Widget

- Fixed Bugs in Event Manager
- Fixed Session Feature
- Fixed Autoplay
- Fixed Method to run Flash Files using Custom Icons

- Fixed Bug in Autoplay (again)
- Fixed Bug that the Player's Mode wasn't always changed correctly (eg DMB)
- Fixed Music Widget: Theme 1 (in Radio Mode)
- Added Option to change the first Day of Week in the Event Manager: Settings > Miscellaneous > Event Manager: 1st Day
- Added new Button to some Widgets which opens for example the Music UI (Music Widget) or the Picture Viewer (Slideshow Widget)

- Fixed Method to run Flash Files using Custom Icons (again)
- Fixed Bug that Custom Icons replacing Standard Icons weren't saved correctly

- Fixed Method to run Flash Files using Custom Icons (and this time for real!)

- Replaced icons with new icon pack Ilves
- Added Jukebox
---> Opens when you open the music control bar
---> Can be turned off in Settings -> Miscellaneous
- Added Quick Gesture Widget
---> Tap the widget and then perform a gesture
---> Swipe up/down + hold: Change volume
---> Swipe left/right + hold: Seek
---> Swipe left/right: REW/FF
---> Swipe left -> right / right -> left: Random track
---> Tap: Play/Pause
- Fixed Method to run Flash Files using Custom Icons
- Other small improvements
- Bugfixes

- Replaced icons with improved icon pack Ilves V2
- If there are new notifications, you can now tap the speech bubble icon in the system tray to open the notification center

- Improved Text Scroller
---> Settings > Appearance > Text Scroller: Bounce, Delayed Bounce, One Direction

- Fixed bugs introduced with v1.1.11
- Fixed bug that the menubar couldn't be hidden if there's one desktop

- Added World Clock Widget
- Added Travel Mode PlugIn

- Travel Mode PlugIn: Added option 'Leave Screen on'
- Fixed method to run Flash Custom Icons for Korean devices

- UCI is now X7-compatible

- Lock Screen: You can now decide what you want to see - the Date Bar or the Mini Player.
---> Settings > Security > Show...: Date Bar / Mini Player
- Disabled the Option to open the third Mainmenu for X7-users because the Cowon X7 has only two Mainmenus
- Album Art Wallpaper PlugIn: Overlay was still shown when the Setting 'Overlay' was disabled

- Added Localization Support
- Added Profile Widget
---> You can configure Profiles in Settings > Widgets > Profile Switcher Widget
---> Please note that the widget is on the next page in the Icons & Widgets Selector
- Bugfixes

- Added PlugIn: 'Event Manager Notification Extension'.
---> Code for notifications of the Event Manager was removed from Lynx. Leave this plugin installed or you won't get any notifications from the Event Manager.
- Changed PlugIn Structure.
---> Update all of your Plugins.
- Notifications are now displayed everywhere in Lynx except for the Event Manager.
- Profile Switch Widget: Added EQ setting to profiles
- Bugfixes


Preview video by da1writer:

Preview video by Who Am I?:

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