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Default Cowon j3 noobie issues

I got my j3 3 days ago 16 Gb...

And I already have the following issues:

I ordered online,from a respectable store in my country but...

1)Inside the player is a folder named : PodCastReady
As I first seen its a program,also on picture it shows two picture from this folder..why is this here?
2)I tried to put some cool pictures from ...I failed....Insead random pic from Google is a success....why?

I just opene the image>save as>desktop(name example.JPEG) I put the .jpeg

The pictures are in jpeg

When I start my player I can see at pictures the exact number(around 11 atm) but when I open to see them there are only the players first ones...nothing new(except the random ones small resolution,poor)

I put them in Picture folder...what went wrong?

3)I have a bad feeling about my battery....

Yesterday was full...then I watched a movie for 30 min,played music for 7 hours (75% battery) this morning I've played for like 15 mins some games and 50% battery (at night I closed the player,and when I'm listening I lock it,no screen)

I know that players doesn't show battery status accurate...but come on!

4)I put some albums most of them FLAC
-I put some pictures also(one picture in each album folders,(I can see these pictures) is the tricky part I don't understand
When you are listening a track,you flip the player and all albums shows up(matrix browser??)
From all my albums only two have thumb picture...Freinds and lovers..second I have a Beethoven album..a simple pic .JPEg( I think in the folder) and it shows in Matrix Browser...I've done the same to the rest of my album folders...but it doesn't work...why??!?
I'm new with the encoding/tag thingies...when I'm searching for tracks..all the Flac one work...the MP3 doesn't need mp3 tags?
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