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Default Please help to choose headphones

I'm in search of headphones and need any help I can get.

What I want:
full size, closed cans
circumaural (don't want to trouble people in transport with loud music)
for outdoor use
with soft headband, probably leatherette pads
source will be my sony a826 and se W20i phone, thats why I need interchangeable cable (hope I could make short one by myself)
price up to 90$/ 60eur (probably will order on internet)
now about the sound ^_^: don'l like too much highs (crispy), they make my ears bleed; I like deep bass, as in sound description thread - warm and weighty; I'm not a basshead, but still, bass is important.
on the music: almost any kind, starting with "la roux" and "the cardigans" to "deine lakaien" and "sopor aeternus", also bit of rap and metal/rock. Almost no classical music.
Now I'm using old and cheap Sehnheiser hd201 and they lack bass a lot.

Thanks for any advice you can give.

P.S. - Sorry for posting in reviews section, somehow missed it. If possible, transfer post to main headphones section.
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