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Default Observations from a new R0 user

Testing was with 320kbps WMAs.

EDIT: and with the as-shipped firmware VER 1 .19 EU-00-JD2


1 Looks and feels nice.

2 Has MSC mode as well as (default) MTP.

3 Uses portrait orientation - good for lists.

4 Output level is strong - I'd say 5V full-scale peak-to-peak, being 3-6dB above ZEN.


1 EQ has 7 bands, but range is labelled as just +/-3dB

2 When playing, after 12s idle on e.g. a system settings page, the player flips to the Play page... but there's no direct way (e.g. "menu" button) back to original page.

3 Play page bar and time are really tiny - even with no album art, because the play substitutes a large picture of a rotating disc taking up 80% of the screen.

4 In MSC mode, connection to XP SP Home PC caused request for driver for device "SE Blank MARLEY". OS search for drivers inc. on net found none. The supplied software is only on the unit itself so was inaccessible. On a XP SP2 Pro machine, this did not happen and connection was successful, and download worked without manually installing any software

5 "Add to playlist" disallows multiple occurences of a track in a playlist.

6 The so-called User Button is not programmable like e.g. the ZEN's. It just performs a different not-very-useful command on each of four different pages.

7 Track step is sluggish, even in Stopped state.

8 Track step causes a fast fade including two clicks and then a short buzz before the next track starts. The clicks and buzz sound even in Stopped state.

9 The Playlist view shows only track filenames - no folderpaths or metadata.

10 Page layout makes wasteful use of the screenspace, e.g. the Playlist page's wide line spacing causes only eleven lines to fit - and that's on this portrait-orientation screen; the Albums list fits only five, even where each album's info the album info is just one test line and no art.

11 Supports no standard playlist format such as M3U. Lists in the supported format SPL can be created in a PC text editor (be sure to include BOM) and do support folders.

12 Navigation pad is error-prone, having no division between centre Select and edge Move that is detectable to eye or fingertip before press.

13 No more than five playlists may be added-to using the device, and these exclude PC-created playlists.

14 No direct way to store the queue of playing tracks to a playlist - you have to individually select and add each track.

15 While in Play mode, add to playlist is possible only for the current track.

16 No track ratings.

17 The UI for Playlist naming is very crude, using three-char "keys" like on a phone, sequenced as per T9.

My score: 2.5/10.

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