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Default Zen Touch 2 Mythbusting Thread

The purpose of this thread is to collect, analyze, and and otherwise review whatever myths there are about the Creative Zen Touch 2.

So far, I've only come across one, but here's my analysis of it:

The Myth: If the Zen Touch 2 locks up, you need to let the battery drain and recharge before you can use it again.

The Status: MYTH BUSTED!

The Reason: Despite all of the claims I've read about the Zen Touch 2 not having a reset button, thus necessitating the time-consuming process of waiting for the battery to drain and recharge before you can use it again, examination of both the Zen Touch 2's manual and the device itself quickly puts the lie to this claim.

There is a reset button present on the Zen Touch 2, though it is easy to overlook and slightly difficult to access - it's underneath the cover for the microSD card slot, on the hinge side of the slot.

Also, you need a slim piece of metal to depress the reset button - I used a bent staple when mine locked up, but a thin paperclip or an extremely fine-point pen might work too.
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