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Default help needed - j3 won't turn on - again...

Hi all,
I'd really love to get some advice from you... Here's the story.
I bought a 32g cowon j3 in september 2010 and it never had a problem until a month ago; it has always worked beautifully, it never froze, battery life was great ect.
Now, a month ago, with battery around 25-50% I set the alarm clock at night and then while playing a song I turn it off. That's how I usually do to set the music alarm, I've done that for months. In the morning I realize that it never rang and that it won't turn on. It looked just dead. Tried the reset button, nothing. Tried to plug it in the computer, also nothing, the pc won't see it. I then leave it for a day attached to the ac charger and try again, still nothing.
Ok, so I send it back to Cowon for repair, it was still on warranty. After some time I ask for an update in the Jetaudio customer service chat. The guy tells me that they managed to "fully charge my unit" and that they were now testing whether everything was ok. I then asked if they could tell me what exactly the problem was and how I could try and fix it on my own if it happened again. They guy replied that I should try to charge it with an ac wall charger, and I replied that i did try that too; then he asked if it was an official Cowon charger, and since I told him it wasn't, he said maybe the voltage wasn't right or something and he said I should buy their original charger. Fine, I bought that too, I doubt that it's any different from the old one I had but whatever.
Ok, so the mp3 player got back 2 days ago. All the songs were there, so the memory was untouched, it was working perfectly and I managed to use the alarm clock as well. Then yesterday, again the same story: I set the alarm and turn it off, and this morning it was dead again. It's been plugged to the ac wall charger since this morning and still no sign of life.
SOOOOO FRUSTRATED! I'm definitely talking to the customer service again tomorrow, but in the mean time I wanted to see if any of you have any advice....
Thanks in advance for your replies!


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