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Help Zune pass expires maybe?

Every month I buy the Zune pass cards and type in the code to redeem it. Anyhow this month should expire for me shortly. Every time I open the Zune software and sign in I get the notice that I should renew Zune pass or my content will be deleted. I have already used my 10 credits but i see another 10 at the top by my Zune tag. I check my settings and it says I have 10 credits and that they will expire in a month. So my question is which one is right? Will my music be deleted if I don't renew or will I have another month? I don't remember having a notice pop up when I put 2 zune pass codes in, but I've mostly been buying the cards and putting the codes in right before they expire, so I could be wrong. I'm not sure if I go past the date if I will have another month or all my pass content will be deleted.
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I don't believe that the content will be deleted, you just won't be able to access it. I'd suggest waiting, and if it expires, just put in your next code, and it should be fine.
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yeah I'm thinking I could have an extra month that I had forgotten about. I'm glad to know that the content won't be deleted, it would have taken a while to download all the songs back.
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Yeah they definitely won't be deleted but become unplayable and it'll give you an error message about needing to renew the DRM license
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