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Default Therapeutic Listening

Hi all,

I just need some help in understanding if my current pair of headphones are actually up to the test for doing some Therapeutic Listening with for my 4yr old son.

Quick nub explanation: Therapeutic Listening is an Occupational Therapist tool for helping children who suffer Sensory Process Disorders (such as my boy has). How it kinda works is the kids listen to certain specific music that hits frequencies we normally can't here (as well as those we can) and it does 'magic stuff lol'. Seriously, the science can be found here:

Anyway I own a pair of Sennhesier HD280 Pro headphones. They are 8khz-25khz frequency response with 64 ohms but apparently this is not good enough according to this website here:


It basically says for the treatment to work it needs a pair of headphones with a frequency response of 22-23khz (which mine do) but also 150ohms (and mine are only 64ohms.

SO passionate are they about this treatment that they say it WON'T WORK unless the headphones meet that requirement! The headphones they usually recommend are Sennheiser HD500a:

But i'm getting a little confused now and here's why.

At this website here ( it talks about using a sansaclip+ as a suitable player for playing/using the Therapeutic Listening music. Is the sansaclip+ itself able to handle 150ohms? What i mean is, surely the file will have to be a wav. file or summin, and with a clip+ will a pair of headphones running 64ohms or 150ohms really be necessary or does the clip+ cap off sumwhere? I.e. is the sansaclip+ ABLE to handle 150ohms, how necessary is it?

Basically i was under the impression that if SUCH specific headphone specs are required then surely the machine it was attached to would need to be a bit more higher end than a clip+!? (like a high end hifi system or summin).

Anyway, I own a clip+ AND a pair of senheiser hd 280pro (but not 500a) and I just want to avoid having to buy another pair of cans if possible.


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