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Default earplugs for Concerts and other live gigs

Hello. first i am sorry if that is not apprpriate for headphone forum , but i thought it would not do any harm.

Ok. So i am going to see some festivals and concerts this summer , and since its not first time , I know how my ears are suffering from the loud music. I need to get some tips for good earplugs that would preserve all frequencies and clarity of such gigs , while decreasing volume by reasonable dB value . I really hate ringing ears next days..
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You can get custom fit ear plugs designed for things like this. You can also get them that are designed to cut out more sound for things like shooting guns or working in industrial areas.

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They sell earplugs at almost all the drug stores I’ve seen in my home town; I’ve yet to try them, also amazon carrys a bunch here. I just make some from foam that decreases the loudness and it works for me. I don’t know by how much it decreases the dB, guess it depends on how thick I make them. Although I do bring extra small bits just in case I have to lower it more.

Edit: I remember once improvising with small paper napkin rolled up tight, lol

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If you don't want to spend the high amount of money needed for customs (they are really intended for people who deal with gigs on a regular basis, like musicians, sound techs, music journalists etc), you could also try the universal fit plugs from Etymotic Research. I used them for about 2 years before upgrading to customs and found them to be extremely good, they do a decent job at preserving all frequencies, although the bass is still a little louder than the rest. They are still far better sounding than any other universal earplug that I've tried.
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I just put my iems on without any music playing through them if I'm at a gig I think is dangerously loud.
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Trauty, since you're in Scotland, this store might be a good place to start: - the Alpine, EarSonics, and Etymotic universal plugs should all be decent for the price.
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+1 with Walkgood.

I have used many of the drug store earplugs in the past and continue to do so for much live music I attend. Not as effective I am sure as the other name brand solutions here, but likely more economical, available immediately pretty much wherever you are and, in the end, better than nothing...
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