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Default Recommendations for earbuds/IEMs

So my earbuds have gone on the blinker, as the right bud seems to be putting out less sound then the left. I figure I might as well decide what to get next.
My budget's pretty pitiful- $20 at most. I'll be listening on my Clip+, so mostly portable listening. For sound signature... I honestly have no idea what I'd like, so throw whatever you think at me. Music, I listen to rock, pop, video game soundtracks, and some classical.
As for type... I'm not sure. I've always used earbuds, but I'm considering IEMs for the first time. I've never really used them much before, but the times I had, they kept on falling out. What would be the advantages of switching? I'm guessing isolation, but would IEMs sound better than earbuds for the same price? Also, would they fall out a lot? The JVC Air Cushion's page claims that it has a better fit than most, but I have no idea if that's true.

So if you're recommending earbuds, I'm considering the Sony MDR-E818LP or the Sennheiser MX400.
If you're recommending IEMs, I'm considering the JVC Marshmallow or Air Cushion and 2XL IEMs. Maybe the JBuds Hi-Fi, but I'm sorta tentative there.

If any of you guys have better options, I'd love to hear them. Thanks for taking the time to read this post.
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