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Default How do I do a proper reset for the S9?

I searched the forum for the keyword "reset" and the contributors just assumed everyone knows how to do it. Well, I rather be flamed for asking a few stupid questiions than muck up my player.
- How long do I have to stick the pin in the hole for?
- Does it have to be connected first?
- Do I have to hold the power switch down as the same time like with Creative's Zen?
- Should I see any messages on the screen, good or bad? If bad, what do they mean?
- Will all my settings, including Cllaw UI's, be lost?

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Push a pin or paperclip into the hole. It should bottom out and then depress a bit more to trigger a reset. No need to leave the pin in the whole. Push in then pull out.

No need to be connected to USB.
No need to hold the power switch.
The S9 will reboot.
Your settings shouldn't be lost.
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Thanks for the tips, But it's still frozen. I even connected my AC adapter for 4 hours. Nothing. I don't understand it, I was just using the dial to change radio stations when it froze.

I'm using firmware V2.53 and the Claw UI.

Any other ideas or is it time to send it in for repairs? This would be a royal pain since I live in Canada and Cowon has no presence here.


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This would be a last resort, but it should definitely unbrick your player:
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