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Page Time for a new player - requesting help

So I'm a long-time member of these forums... have not been very active but am returning because my birthday is approaching and my wife wants to know what I want.

I currently own a Sansa e200 (2gb) with Rockbox and 8gb of microSD expansion. It's been a great player but I find myself using it less and less. Honestly I think the tiny interface is not meshing very well with driving. I guess I'm getting older and want something that feels a little fancier (not to mention the wheel on the sansa is kind of hard to turn lately).

Anyway, I've been reading the recommendations and the top-rated devices and here's kind of what I'd like, if this is possible (using the suggested ask format):

Budget: I may end up asking for this for my birthday or just buying it for myself with freelance money + birthday money afterwards. So let's say up to $300 but preferred closer to $200+.

Use: I am in the car nearly 2 hours a day. Audiobooks are nice on occasion, but mostly I will use it to listen to music. I'd really like to have video-out-to-TV (HDMI) if that is possible, as I tend to find lots of down time at work and it would be fun to download shows and things to watch with the wife. Having Android and WiFi would be great to use as a mini-computer when I find a few minutes between changing diapers.

Type/Design: I guess a PMP since I want lots of features. Prefer something that is less than tablet size so I can put it in my pocket or at least the pouch on my laptop bag. I don't suppose people go jogging with PMPs...but if there's a device that is powerful yet small, I might attempt it (or keep the Sansa for such rare occasions).

Features: Android would be a plus, TV-out (HDMI) would be awesome, e-reader would be great, FM tuner not really necessary as I'll be in the car mostly. Is there a way to transfer files from a computer via bluetooth? If so that would be great. WiFi would be great, with support for stuff such as youtube. A built-in speaker for "sharing" media (rare) would be a nice perk.

Display: Display that would be comfortable enough for reading an e-book (not sure this is something I'll really do) or at least browsing the web.

UI/Controls: Touchscreen seems to make the most sense these days.

So I hope I haven't been too picky. I realize it may not be possible to find everything I want in the same package. I took a look at the J3 and several of the Archos devices. I'm leery of some of the reviews for Archos having really frail hardware (touchscreens going out?).

I really appreciate any recommendations I can get. Thanks!
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