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Default New Sansa Clip+ 8GB & 16GB Mini SDHC woes

This is the Micro SDHC I've got purchased from said store (as well as the player).

I followed the links on this page to update the firmware (01.02.15), which was successful.


Before inserting any memory card or installing any updates I charged the player. It appeared on the 'My Computer' as a life like image of the Clip+. After a full charge I transferred files into the relevant folders, which appeared on the player successfully.

I disconnected shortly after then reconnected but this time the icon had changed to an icon called SANSA CLIP (E: ) with an additional icon in the traybar which displayed the following in the small window on the bottom right of the screen...

The folders inside look like this...

...I assumed the logical choice to drag and drop music files into would be the folder titled 'MUSIC' and I was right. Still miffed at the icon change I decided to install new firmware in the hope of fixing the bug. After a successful installation of the firmware, no luck. I then decided to try out the mini SDHC.


1. Insert the new card in and copy 14GB worth of music into 'MUSIC' folder. I'm greeted with an error sign as it just passes the halfway point of transfer.

2. I'm thinking the card hasn't been detected, with only the internal memory being used and a quick rightlick/properties on the drive icon confirms my doubts...

3. But wait. I disconnect the player enter 'Settings>System Settings>Info' which displays 'SD Card = 15185 Free 15185'

4. Which has brought me here to find a solution. I will be forever indebted if someone has a solution.
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I've just realised after posting this thread the 'Removable Disk (F) folder is the one to copy files onto the memory card!

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Welcome to ABi

The Sansa Clip+ can be loaded in either MTP or MSC modes. MTP is when you see it as a player. MSC is when you see it as a drive letter. One of the more important parts to that is that files added in one mode can't be seen in the other. You'll need to pick one in the Settings menu. It's under USB Mode. Whenever you update the firmware you need to make sure you make that selection again as it reverts to Autodetect.

Avoid Autodefect as it can and will change at times. I've had a few puzzling moments when part or all of my files seemed to disappear when they loaded under Autodefect. For whatever reason it changed modes and I couldn't see what I had just loaded. You may need to remove or delete the music you've just loaded in order to make sure all of it is visible once you make your decision on which mode to use.

There's more information on MSC and MTP USB modes in my sig in the Glossary For Newbies. Just remember to pick one and stick with it.

***In the future please edit your original post rather than multi-posting.***
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Funny you should mention this, I had the opposite problem earlier today when trying to Rockbox my new Clip+. Couldn't for the life of me work out why the Clip wasn't appearing as a disk drive and therefore couldn't install it. Half an hour of frustration ensued before I bothered to check the USB settings...
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