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Old 04-07-2011, 12:06 AM
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Default HOW-TO Unbrick your Sansa View from Blue Ring of Death (Tango Digital Media Platform)

YES! It is finally done!! You can now UNBRICK the Sansa View using a port of e200tool I put together, called "viewtool".

Tested working on Windows 7 x64 and developed on Windows XP x86 (VMWare virtual machine with Cygwin).
By relation, it should also work on Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 x86 and x64
(pretty much anything)
Includes all source code and a Makefile, so it should also work under Linux if you're really desperate. How's that for a flip, an originally-Linux application now gets the "works on Windows and maybe Linux" treatment?

Download here
Sansa View ViewTool and OneClickUnBrick v1.0.7z
And if you don't have something to extract a 7z file, go get a REAL archiving tool! 7z isn't an obscure format, you should have no trouble opening it
If your computer shows the 7z file as an "unknown file" (asks you how to open it), I suggest you remove whatever crap you have installed (winzip, or something "zip" I'm sure), and install something more modern... either 7-Zip (totally free but a pretty piss-poor user interface), or WinRAR (all the modern luxuries, just not free).

This also enables
  • running third party firmware in the same way as the e200 (let's start talking Rockbox, eh? I'll help however I can, but I really need to work with someone that reverse-engineered the e200 Flash access)
  • recovering from failed flashes or crashes
  • cleanly downgrading to an older firmware

Basically, here's what you do
  1. Download OneClickUnBrick and ViewTool v1.0.
  2. Extract to some folder, doesn't matter where, just not on a network (SMB) path.
  3. Plug in your bricked Sansa View.
  4. Apply the drivers under the "drivers" folder.
  5. Run One-Click UnBrick.cmd

Viewtool is a cleaned-up port of e200tool for the Sansa View. Not much has changed, but I removed a lot of excess baggage functions that don't work with the View: i2c doesn't exist (it seems), and as such, the device can't be powered off by the tool. It's basically memory I/O and "run" only. However, the memory dump and write functions are still there, and could really help someone looking to port Rockbox... I'll help however I can too!

Since the tool is very similar to e200tool, most of the functions are the same. However, it also detects if a View is already connected in "viewtool mode" (running the USB stub), and initializes automatically if needed. No more need for the "init" command, so that was removed. Run a dummy "lw" command if you _REALLY_ need to "init".

The One-Click UnBrick.cmd file walks you through the whole process of unbricking your View, and upgrading to the v1.3 firmware. If you need to swap out the firmware for a different version (e.g. for EU users), you can do so by adding that firmware to the appropriate folder. Just don't change the names OR base versions - that is, you can use v01.02.03a in place of v01.02.09a, but not v01.03.02a. v01.02.xx is required for function of the recovery process, as SanDisk screwed-up the recovery mode in later versions, and it can't write to Flash.

Thanks to MrH for the original e200tool code, the Rockbox group for the current status of work on the View (esp. the GSoC View project), and citanuL on the SanDisk forums for posting the missing piece of info about holding the UP key to initiate a Flash erase using the View bootloader. I spent days searching the disassembled code for that function! And thanks to saratoga on the abi forums for replying to my topic and keeping me inspired

edit 8/27/2011: Bitcoin is a great way to send thanks: 1hndQ4E6TmurfhuEzFhTZtwKejs9iTy3X - no amount is too small! Any amount goes toward paying the student loans that didn't teach me how to do this stuff

edit 10/29/2012: Oops! Someone informed me the Hostfile link is dead. I re-uploaded with my Dropbox - updated the link above.

edit 7/15/2013: Apparently I forgot to update the second Hostfile link as well. Derp. Sorry... half the people still probably clicked the broken link! [hides head in shame]

edit 5/19/2017: Can you believe I'm still alive? Yeah, all the links had link-rotted to death. Updated now with imgur image hosting and Mega file hosting - can you also believe I still had the original source images and files? +100 points for data retention and personal backups with great organization! (or at least, a great search function - thanks, "Everything"!)

Last edited by FalconFour; 05-19-2017 at 02:17 PM. Reason: Link rot! Updated links/images with new hosts all around.
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