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Page Zune FAQ - Please Read Before Posting

The point of this FAQ is to put all the answers to the questions asked repeatedly in the forums in one spot. I'm new to the Zune HD, finally jumped on with the new price cuts, and there seems to be a lot of people in the same boat. This is provided to help you get familiar with the common questions/problems people have had with their Zune HDs. Please note that with the exception of DaveMac-MS who is an official Microsoft employee who frequents this forum, all information is provided "As Is" and is the cumulative experience of the members of this forum.

If anybody see's anything they think should be included in this FAQ, PLEASE post comments below and I'll get them all incorporated.

Q: Are there any rules for this forum?
A: Yes, they can be viewed here:

Q: How do I....?
Check out the Zune HD Power User Guide for a ton of information about controls.

Q: I'm confused by some of the technical terms and/or abbreviations used here....
There's a handy Glossery for Newbies provided here:

Q: I’m thinking about purchasing a Zune HD, where can I find some more information about it?
A: Anythingbutipod’s own review is a great and unbiased review that should help you in your decision.

Q: I have a question about a Legacy Zune (8, 30, 80, 120GB)….
A: Please post any questions about legacy devices in the applicable forum. A list of all forums can be found here:

Q: I have a Software/Marketplace problem…..
A: There is a forum specifically for these issues as they are relevant across all Zune models:

Q: I’m having a problem with my Zune HD….
A: The forum has a search function, use it! The Zune HD has been around for a few years and almost any problem you can encounter has already been addressed here. Searching on a few key words will usually turn up an answer that will help you. Make sure to use the advance search and limit results to the Zune HD forum so your hits are relevant.

If you are unable to find the question asked/answered elsewhere, please do ask! The chances are someone else has had the same problem and will find any responses helpful.

Q: Can you sync your Zune HD with a MAC?
Yes, you can sync with a MAC through the Windows Phone 7 Connector:

Q: What kind of battery life should I expect from my Zune HD?
Reports vary widely, but it seems that you can expect 20-30 hours listening to just music. If you have WiFi on, that drains the battery QUICKLY so you should always have it turned off unless you are using Web-enabled functions. Apps also seem to suck the battery quite quickily...especially when you have the screen on High or Medium brightness. Seems to be approximately 3-4 hours of game/apps usage on Low or Medium brightness with WiFi off while listening to music. Most of this information taken from posts by ItsLasher.

Q: Can you tell me if XXXX App will ever come to the Zune?
A: The Zune HD was designed to me a media player that has great audio quality, plays a wide range of videos, and has the best music subscription available. It was not designed or marketed as an App Device.

The development team has managed to find some workarounds to create some Apps and despite persistent rumors that the Zune is dead, continue to develop new Apps as well as update existing ones. The device was designed to support some games and any Apps created are technically "games disguised as Apps"….that should give you an idea of the Zune HD’s limitations.

DaveMac-MS is the business development manager (inbound and outbound) for Zune Hardware at Microsoft and provides amazing inside information about the Zune’s limitations and future plans. Anything he says is carved in stone so if you see any posts by him about an App being impossible then there is no need to ask about it. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE.

From DaveMac-MS: “Zune HD was not designed to support apps & games. We've managed to leverage the assets we have, and despite the focus of the product being anything BUT apps & games, I'm pretty happy that we've been able to churn out the kind of content that we have.”

If you want to see all the posts from DaveMac-MS, you can click on his name and click on “Find all posts by DaveMac-MS”. Also, be sure to listen to the Zune Insider Podcast #109 with Dave as the Guest Host (with a special shout out to this forum at the very end of the podcast)!

Q: So can I ask DaveMac-MS a question?
Sure. Dave makes every effort to make himself available to Zune customers. He has a thread here that's dedicated to asking him a question He also includes his email address in his forum signature and welcomes emails (and prefers them to PM's through the forum). You can email DaveMac-MS directly at: and follow him on Twitter @DaveMacMS.

Q: When will the Zune have streaming Netflix and/or YouTube?
A: NEVER. It cannot stream video. You’ll notice in the Zune Software you can download videos to put on your Zune, and you can stream some other programs and movie trailers. There’s a reason you can’t access those streaming videos on your player.

Q: Does the Zune support Flash and/or Silverlight Video?
No, it does not and never will.

Q: What about Third Party Apps?
A: There is an active Zune community for creating Apps that can he used on the Zune. A good starting resource is:

Any user created Apps talked about or linked to from this site are considered “As Is” applications and you download and use them at your own risk. There are no inherent problems with the applications, but they are created by individuals who have no affiliation with Microsoft so a warning is merited.

The Zune is set up to allow these applications to be installed and run, however when you use a non-official Microsoft application, the Zune must be reset before the regular operating system opens back up. This is to “protect” your Zune and is a good thing, but can be annoying when trying to switch between Apps.

Here’s an old post with some helpful information:

A great resource for downloading a ton of games and Apps is ZHDapps:

Don't let this scare you! I'm a techno idiot and I followed the links above and downloaded the 3 applications (already had zip software) at Zuneboards and had my Zune running 3rd party apps in about 30min including download and installation. VERY easy and the files at are ones you just double click on and they do their thing and deploy right to your Zune HD. Note that you have to then disconnect your Zune from the PC and it will take a little bit to install/activate the games and will then re-start itself. At that point, you can go to the APPS category and browse for the new games/apps.

Q: Can the Zune run multiple Apps at once? Why can’t the Zune Multitask Apps?
A: Per DaveMac-MS: “No, sorry. Apps are sandboxed and when you close the app, all functionality closes with it. There is no means to have background processes running.” As soon as you leave an App, it’s closed and has to be restarted if you wish to return to it.

Q: Wow, look at all those Windows7 Phone Apps on the Marketplace, can I install them on my Zune?

Q: I have an xxxxxx email account, can I check it with the eMail App?
Due to the Zune HD not having the ability to access some Ports, POP forwarding and IMAP are not supported. Only 3 types of email accounts are supported: Exchange, Windows Live (including Hotmail) and GMail. Both Hotmail and GMail have Internet forwarding options so setting up a free account with them should allow you to link any other accounts to them and be accessable through the App.

Of course, you can always check your email through the regular Internet option. If you do, be sure to bookmark your inbox. That way, you won’t have to go back to the page and re-enter your login information every time. Bookmarking your inbox will bring you right into your account.

If you receive sensitive materials in your email, you may want to enable the screen locking function so that others cannot check your email if you bookmark it. This can be done in Settings > Screen Lock > Enable Pin.

Q: Is the Zune Dead? Is MS working on any new hardware?
A: Search is your friend….tons of topics and hundreds of posts full of speculation. Please don’t start any more topics about this. Adding a new reply to an old topic will send it right to the top and be read just as easily as you adding a new post.

DaveMac-MS has stated that he and his team are continuing to develop new and improved Apps. So we know for sure that there will be continued support for the Zune platform, but any new non-Windows 7 Phone players is a subject of rumors with no confirmations. If you have any rumors about this, please add to one of the many threads already existing.

Q: Can the Zune HD connect to the Internet without WiFi enabled?
A: Yes! If you connect it to your PC with the Sync Cable and make sure the software in closed, it can connect to the Internet (even on a network you have never connected to wirelessly) and use any of the online Apps while connected.

Q: Why can't I post/reply to topics from my Zune HD?
You have to change some settings in order for it to work. See this entry for instructions:

Q: Can I try to buy/sell a Zune HD here?
A: Yes, but it should be posted in the Classifieds forum:

Q: My player is having charging issues or the audio has crackling….
A: If you are charging via a wall wart/wall charger, make sure it has the correct 5v input. If not, this could be causing the issues. The Sync Cable should charge your Zune without any problems. Also, you can use non-Windows PC USB devices (including car adapters and stuff) with your Sync Cable to charge the unit.

Q: I'm having trouble syncing some AVI Files....
See this topic for some useful information. Some AVI files may use codecs not supported by the Zune.

Q: Can I transfer my own DVDs over to my Zune HD?
Yes. See the topic below for information how to do this, but it's intended for ripping your own personal DVDs and not any movies that have copyrights or anything that would violate applicable laws.

Q: Are there any independent performance benchmarks for the Zune HD?
A: Yes, here’s one site:

Q: Is there a fee associated with the WiFi?
A: No. So long as you can connect to a free source, WiFi doesn’t have any charges associated with it.

Q: How much do the Apps cost? Are there free trials available?
A: All Apps and games available are free. Because of this, there are no trial versions available.

Q: Does the Zune Pass include videos?
A: No, the Zune Pass is for music only. You’ll still have to pay for any movies you download with MS Points.

Q: What’s up with these MS Points?
A: Like with the X-Box, all transactions are done with MS Points. 80 MS Points equals $1 USD. You can charge points to your account, or buy pre-paid cards in different amounts. The 1600 and 4000 point Xbox 360 point cards carried most places work just fine, you don’t specifically need Zune branded cards.

Q: How much does the Zune Pass cost?
A: It costs $14.99 USD per month, but there are also 3 month and 1 year subscription options. The 1 year subscription is $149.99 basically giving you 2 months free.

Q: How does the Zune Pass work?
A: See details on the official Zune page:

Q: Is there any way to do Facebook Chat?
Yes. Follow the steps below outlined by Master_Jackson:
  1. Go to
  2. Click on Facebook
  3. Choose the Settings you want making sure to check the chat option
  4. Then, if you aren't signed in, enter your information.
  5. Once connected, install the Windows Live Messenger app on your Zune HD, sign in, and you're done!

Q: What types of audio are supported?
Taken from specs:
  • Windows Media® Audio Standard (WMA) (.wma); Up to 384 Kbps; constant bit rate (CBR) and variable bit rate (VBR) up to 48-kHz sample rate; WMA Pro two channel up to 768 Kbps; CBR and VBR up to 48-kHz
  • WMA Lossless: two channel up to 768 kbps and 48-kHz
  • Advanced Audio Coding (AAC-LC) (.mp4, .m4a, .m4b); .m4a and .m4b files without FairPlay DRM up to 320 Kbps; CBR and VBR up to 48-kHz
  • MP3 (.mp3); Up to 320 Kbps; CBR and VBR up to 48-kHz

Q: What types of video are supported?
Taken from specs:
  • Windows Media Video (WMV) (.wmv); Main and Simple Profile, CBR or VBR, up to 10.0 Mbps peak video bit rate; 720 pixels x 480 pixels up to 30 frames per second (or 720 pixels x 576 pixels up to 25 frames per second); Advanced profile up to L2, 1280 pixels x 720 pixels up to 30 frames per second, CBR or VBR, up to 14.0 Mbps peak video bitrate;Zune software will transcode HD WMV files above stated capabilities at device sync
  • MPEG-4 (MP4/M4V) (.mp4) Part 2 video; Simple Profile up to 4.0 Mbps peak video bit rate; 720 pixels x 480 pixels up to 30 frames per second (or 720 pixels x 576 pixels up to 25 frames per second); Zune software will transcode HD MPEG-4 files at device sync
  • H.264 video; Baseline Profile + bframes, up to 10 Mbps peak video bit rate; 720 pixels x 480 pixels up to 30 frames per second (or 720 pixels x 576 pixels up to 25 frames per second);1280 pixels x 720 pixels up to 30 frames per second, up to level 3.1 and 14.0 Mbps peak video bitrate; Zune software will transcode HD WMV files above the stated capabilities at device sync
  • DVR-MS; Zune software will transcode at time of sync

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