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Old 03-31-2011, 09:29 AM
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Red face Air! Not only good for you but makes for "quality" IEMs!

Well...feast your eyes on these. Anyone come across this concept yet?

Some guys I just met in HK are starting to import these from China with the goal of selling them online. The hook? A reduction in electromagnetic RF waves as a health benefit for IEM users. The pair of blue tubes leading into the IEM housings are nothing but supple rubber tubes. I don't even know if they were 100% airtight [prolly not as I was able to cut out the sound by simply squeezing the tubes].

<huh? Yeah, I said the same thing...>

Price? Around 20USD.

Yes, I sampled them...for like 30 seconds. Which quite frankly was around 28.75 seconds too long.

I didn't have the heart to slam this "product" to those guys. They honestly believe in the concept and were truly impressed with the sound.

To my ears, all I heard was my music seeming to come from like 5 miles away from my head. This was beyond my reasonable understanding of "soundstage spaciousness", entering into Grand Canyon echo-chamber territory - I have never heard any headphones which sounded less realistic and which made music so distant to my listening perspective.

These same guys listened to my Panas and truly thought that they didn't sound as good as these air-thingamajiggies...

Build quality was eh, prolly on par for 20USD headphones. The box and packaging were actually OK though.

So...what say you all? Need me to help you place an order? I think I can hook you up!

dfkt, I would be delighted to send you a pair for review and possibly may be able to arrange an interview with the genius behind these things, the enigmatic Dr. Mercola...

Bring it on guys!

EDIT: Hey, I just noticed that there is an American address on these! Look closely at the box, lower right hand corner...

But I am now very confused after reading their site page. Are they selling me IEMs or trying to get me to ditch my cell phone?

Enquiring minds want to know...
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