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Old 03-29-2011, 07:26 AM
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Default from HD202 + ipod touch to ... Not sure + J3, advise needed, please.

Hi everyone,

i would like some advice for new phones!

For a quick presentation, I'm Belgian and actually live in new Zealand.
I'm a musician, a drummer to be more precise and i worked for a couple of years for a cd store. ( free gigs yeah!!!!!)

Anyway, my concern is that my ipod touch start to die ( stay only 2 days on sleep mode...) and i thought that i gonna replace it by a cowon J3 ( thank u ABI!).

But then comes the time to ask myself about my sennheiser HD202 ( that i use for now 3 years).
I quite like them but the cable is way too long!!! the sound for me it's ok.
I listen music on the ipod and my macbook higher MP3 rate from my cd collection in Belgium ( and now i start to collect FLAC)

My budget is less than 200 us$.

Style : I'm not sure but probably iem, full size headphone are cool but when you travel...I need something light, portable.

Use : going to work when i'm in the mood to walk, at home, in my bed before to sleep and for my futur travels.
I want really comfortable one that i can sleep with and that don't' move every 5 minutes when i walk.
Stay in place and don't fell them.

Media :

60% Rock
( From Mastodon, tool, slayer to Qotsa,faith no more, NIN to Jeff buckley, radiohead, blonde redhead),

15% Hip hop- trip hop
( Dr Dre, cypress, massive attack, portishead)

15% Jazz- Reggae ( Steve coleman, M Davis, The black Seeds, Fat freddies drop)

10% Electro ( AFX, vitalic )

Source : Mainly my future J3, my computer and till I have it my Roland TD9

I would like a good resolution, presence and soundstage.
No noise if i move the cable ( friend of mine have this problem with a CX400, i'have to do more research about impedance and all that stuff)
a good isolation and i dont' want to be heard by people around me.

If you have any advise or recommendation or comment, please.


Hooch ( yeah, i like the Melvins too!)
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