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Cool new zune hardware coming with actual proof!!!

"I love when I get to be the guy that gives you the news faster than the other Zune websites. It makes me feel… empowered. Maybe I shouldn’t even tell you this and just keep it to myself… Ok fine, I will tell you, but you are not going to believe me without doing some reading for yourself.
The Zune Lives! There is going to be a next generation Zune device, and I have proof!
It has been a seriously unsure time here at Zuneboards. There have been multiple rumors going around that the Zune hardware is completely dead and that it would only continue as a service. However, we now have actual proof that there will be a next generation (at least one) Zune device, and we are very, very excited about it!
Oh, don’t believe me? Well just head on over here. Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore, who oversees Windows Phone Program Management, has just confirmed he is now responsible for "the design and software product definition of forthcoming generations of Windows phones and Zune devices." This confirms, at least currently, that Microsoft does plan on creating a new generation of Zune devices. IT LIVES I TELL YOU! This is the best news that we have had in awhile, and it means we get to keep our Zuneboards name!
More news will be out as we get it. Zuneboards will bring you the news first, I will personally see to it myself.
Stay tuned, my friends…"
More Info On

Keynote Info found here For zune hd info

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Id like to see what Dave has to say about this, if its true, il be kinda sad to lose support for the ZHD, but at the same time im glad the brand is gonna live.
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This is possible great news, I only hope that Windows phones and Zune devices is not an already existing generalized department he took the reigns of and that it truly foreshadows a new Zune device. I also hope that if new Zune Hardware is real that it is on the road to production and that this is not just another semi foggy statement issued by a pr department to quell dissent! Heres hoping for a new device that will actually be marketed and have enough business sense to not create its own marketplace but allow full use of the WP7 ecosphere!

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Just another regurgitation of the other thread.

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It wont happen this year, WINDOWS phone 7 was THIS years Zune hardware.

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Originally Posted by Olley View Post
Just another regurgitation of the other thread.
Exactly. There is a lot of nonsense in these type of threads.

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Doesn't really prove or disprove a new Zune model. "Zune device" could also mean a phone or xbox or another type of device the Zune service will be a part of.

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I really feel this thread needs to be closed until this is proven factual.
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Originally Posted by Bonetwizt View Post
It wont happen this year, WINDOWS phone 7 was THIS years Zune hardware.
Um, technically, it was LAST year's Zune hardware, seeing as it did come out LAST year.

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Yep I'm closing this. There's no proof and there's already another thread pointing to the same info.

Closed Thread

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