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Default zune pass telephone number

Ok I was enjoying my zune and zune pass subcription. But it seems like for others MS needs to get more money out of you. Does anyone have a phone number where I can contact someone at zune customer service to tell them I want to cancel my pass before being charged again.

I did cancel it but MS decided that they still want to charge me and so the process begins. I am not happy! So asking for some help.

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Default Billing issue

I believe the Zune Insider podcast mentioned this has to do with your microsoft billing account. I would try to visit and see when you are billed. I think that they bill you at regualr intervals so if you cancelled after that date they would still charge you for that month. So after this month they should not charge you. If that doesn't work you could also try asking at microsoft answers under the Zune portion since they have actual microsoft employees checking the site regularly. You could also try their twitter page. Finally here they have a list of where you can contact them, the phone number should be on here
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They're going to charge you for the last month. Otherwise you could get free Zune Pass by signing up then cancelling before the end of the month each month.
- Grant F
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Default thanks

Thanks gawsome for the info. I tired to cancell before it ran out. But computers or MS said I could not do it weird but thats what is said. It was like I had to wait for the exact date. I was able to cancell before said date, got email but still charged me. I will call on Monday. Its too bad cause now afraid to rejoin the pass thing, but will get claraification when I call.
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