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Default basshead IEMS for a 13 year old

My nephew likes hip hop music, he had a pair of Vmoda Vibes which I got for him but they broke so he needs new headphones.

He likes his music loud and with lots of bass, more then Vmoda gave him before they broke. I think the headphones need to be efficient and lower impedance since he will be using them with his phone, no amps (Motorola Defy).

Her really wants the Beats Tours and I can find them online for 70 bucks or so, should I just buy them for him or is there something better?
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Why not look at the sennheiser cx300, they're lower cost have great build quality and should fit the "basshead" bill.

Edit: A little more expensive than the cx300's and a better iem other than the tank like build quality the hippo VB would also fit the bill as well.

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Denon AH-360. It trumps the bass of the CX300 and IMO has a better midrange. I also find the build to be good also. I had these for over a year with no issues whatsoever.
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I would recommend any of the MEElectronics M Series. While I have not heard their newest model the M31 ($45), it is suppose to have the most bass of them all--which saying something. It also comes in several colors which might be appealing to a 13 year old. I do have the older M11+ ($45) which packs a lot of bass as well. It would be good choice for smaller ears has it is the tiniest IEM I own. If worn with deep insertion, the M9 can be very bass heavy. At $20 (or as little as $10 on sale) they would be cheap to replace if/when they break. For what it is worth though, with the exception of the M6, all the M Series have metal housings and all use MEElectronics cable which is considered by many to be one of best you can get for under $50. So they should be able to take a beating.
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I ended up getting him Brainwavz M2 for 45 bucks from mp4nation.
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