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Default 555 mod make it a 595

Anyone know anything about this?
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Yea, I saw it in a thread a little while ago, and found it hard to believe that it would be that easy to do...
- Justin
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I don't know how well it works but here's the link to the earlier thread.
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I did that on my 555s and it definitely makes them a tad bit better.
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It takes several minutes to do and it does make a small improvement.
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Hey Mr. Popo, I saw your reply on my other thread.

I just did the mod and it was well worth it. For the kind of music I listen to, I can't really tell if the bass increased but the soundstage did improve, it's so spacious!!

Even if you may obtain different results depending on your tastes, I recommend doing the mod and judging it for yourself, since it is so easy to do and, most importantly, it's reversible with no traces whatsoever.

Just be careful with the first step. De-attaching the ear pads is the difficult part. Don't pinch it, just pull the edge from the inside with two fingers and insert the flat screwdriver from the outside as soon as you can see a bent. You'll hear several loud cracks while you pull it apart –don't panic! nothing's breaking, it's just a plastic strip coming out from the canal.

Good luck! I'm loving the HD555, great purchase
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Anyone here tried comparing their modded HD555 to an actual HD595?
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I compared a regular 555 to a regular 650. They both sounded pretty good.
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