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Default Galaxy S Wifi 4.0 and 5.0 Quick Preview

At the Samsung France Open Day (March, 17th) I've had the occasion to try the new Samsung Android players:
-Galaxy S Wifi 4.0 or YP-G1 (also known as "Galaxy Player" or YP-GB1 in Korea)
-Galaxy S Wifi 5.0 or YP-G70 (YP-GB70 in Korea)
As usual, Samsung chose weird names. I think that's a bad idea to name them "Galaxy S". People may think it's a smartphone... "Wifi" doesn't make sense either, it's a technology, not a product name. Only "4.0" and "5.0" make sense to me as it clearly says the size of the screen.

The 2 new devices complete the Galaxy Player series that only included the Galaxy Player 50 (YP-G50) until now.
I scheduled to review the Galaxy Player 50 and even started the ABI review but I finally gave up as this device disappointed me too much, I could not find the motivation to finish the review, sorry for that.
Fortunately, the 2 new devices look more promising.

PS: all following spec are temporary and may still change before the final release. You can download the French product sheets in attachment.

Galaxy S Wifi 4.0

I guess that's the one we have been waiting for so long time. It is already released in Korea in a DMB (TV tuner) version and comes in France (and probably other countries) in May.
Basically it is a Galaxy S without the phone features, without 3G connection, with a different display (4" 800 x 480 Super Clear LCD instead of 4" 800 x 480 Super Amoled), a different camera (3,2MP instead of 5MP), different size (64.2 x 123.7 x 9.9mm, 121g instead of 64.2 x 122.4 x 9.9mm, 119g) and a different battery capacity (1200 mAh instead of 1500 mAh).
Regarding these specifications, the Galaxy S is better than the Wifi 4.0 but don't worry the Wifi 4.0 doesn't look like a "cheap" Galaxy S.

It runs Android 2.2 (will be upgraded to 2.3 later) and thanks to the 1Ghz CPU, it is fast enough.
For me it solves all issues I had with the Galaxy Player 50:
-Better performances (on the G50 the CPU is too slow and there is not enough RAM)
-Better screen (the 400*240 3.2" LCD of the G50 is a shame)
-There is a File Browser (only tag navigation on the G50)

From what I heard (but I was not in an appropriate environment), the sound quality is as good as on the other Samsung DAPs, to be confirmed later however.
All usual formats are supported (MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, WMA, OGG, WAV, FLAC). However, SoundAlive effects are still there (see my Q3 review to know what I think of them)

With its 4" display, watching videos is a pleasure but due to the high resolution (800*480), badly encoded videos won't look nice. Like the YP-M1, it supports 720p videos and of course most standard formats (MP4, 3GP, AVI,WMV, ASF, MKV, FLV)

In the room there were too many wifi-connected devices so the network suffered and I have not been able to test the wifi-connection and the internet browser but it should be alright: Google chrome lite + Flash Lite 10.1.
Contrary to some competitors, you can access the Android Market.
Angry Birds just worked fine

I tried the 3.2MP camera too quickly to be able to tell you how is the pictures quality but we'll see that in the full review later. With the front camera you can enjoy VoIP video. Indeed, Skype and Qik are pre-installed.

This device also features bluetooth 3.0, a RDS FM tuner, GPS, G-sensor, microSDHC slot.

It will be available in white color and in 8 or 16GB capacity in May (France). The price has to be determined but you can bet on between 200 and 300.

Galaxy S Wifi 5.0

It's like a big PMP or a small tab.
For me, a 5" display is too big to listen to music but that's very nice to surf on the web.
At first it looks just like a Wifi 4.0 with a bigger screen but actually there are some other differences:
-it has a WVGA (800 x 480) TFT LCD display. I watched the same movie on both devices side by side and without any doubt, the quality is better on the Wifi 4.0: higher definition (96 000 px/inch vs 76 800 px/inch), better brightness and better contrast. I don't say the wifi 5.0's screen is bad, it did not hurt my eyes contrary to the G50's screen but if you can compare it side by side with a Super Clear LCD or (Super) Amoled one, the difference is obvious.
-3MP camera. 3 vs 3.2MP should not make a huge difference but at least that means the two devices don't have the same camera. We'll see in the final review which one is better
-better battery capacity (2500 mAh) and better announced battery life (up to 60hrs in music playback and 8hrs in video playback vs 36hrs and 5hrs for the Wifi 4.0)

The other spec are the same, it also runs Android 2.2 and will be upgraded to 2.3, it has a 1Ghz CPU, Wifi N chip, RDS FM tuner etc etc
It will also be released in May in France (and Europe?) in 8 or 16GB capacity. No price yet but the Product Manager told me we can expect a price between 300 and 400 for the 16GB version. Ouch....

From left to right: Samsung Galaxy Tab 7", Galaxy S Wifi 5.0, Galaxy S Wifi 4.0, YP-Q3

Some accessories for mobile phones and mp3 players: on the left, the earphones from the TicToc and on the right, new 100 IEM.

After a quite disappointing G50, finally the Galaxy Player series gets interesting. It's probably too soon to claim the Wifi 4.0 is an "iPod Touch-Killer" but if Samsung keeps prices reasonable (unfortunately I guess they won't...), it might be a serious competitor. The Wifi 5.0 is like the missing link between the tabs and the PMPs. It's a bit too big for me but the Product Manager seemed to really believe there is a market for this device so why not?
Oh and something I did not mention previously: the design. It's not really original for sure, it looks like an iPod Touch. Some will love it, others will hate it, it's up to you to decide!
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