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Default Best way of opening your IEMs.

Most IEMs are held together by some kind of glue.

I have always applied brute force and a thin blade whenever it seemed feasible, but lately I crushed my UE super fi 5 when I tried to pry them open.

Since I've set my mind to open my v-moda vibe and jays q-jays cases as well, i would like to ask you guys which method you believe best for opening your IEMs.

current options im looking at:

stick to brute force and blame UE for using cheap plastic cases

hairdryer at point black:
do adhesives dissolve under heat? does it generate enough heat? will it damage the driver inside?


Steaming the earbuds in a steamer you'd normally use to steam food. what about the humidity? will the humidity really help or is it just the heat that does the job?


Dip it in boiling water. What if water gets in?

Chemical WMD:
Maybe I could use chemicals like acetone maybe? But seeing how small some cracks are (like nonexisting with the vibes?) I cant see how the chemical should come in contact with the glue.

thanks for the help




i put my vmoda vibes into boiling water for like 10 minutes, then tried to pull both parts apart using two pliers. I wound up deforming the earcanal a little, but the cases didnt give in at all... also no leverage using my knife... ive seen dfkt using a file to create some space for leverage which im trying to avoid...

will continue trying :P

edit: after a few tries, i wound up with a lot of scratches, but the earbuds wouldnt bulge...

edit: tried the hair dryer. no luck either. I guess heat wont help against the adhesive theyve used

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