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Default ```Cowon INSURANCE problem

hi guys

I had my s9 for almost 2 years. Before it passes 2 years i am looking forward to replacing it since i have 2 year warranty.

Here is the question,
Is there any way to directly transfer all the music i have on my current s9 to the new one? Problem is, some of the music i have on my s9, i dont have on my computer and i am afraid i will not be able to find it again online.
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A 2 yr warranty??

Wouldn't that only cover hardware failure??... So it has to have a manufacturing/hardware failure for you to be able to get a new one - you cant just get a new one.
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This sounds a lot like trolling.
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"looking forward to replacing it"


you aren't entitled to anything as long as the thing didn't blow up on you or suddenly stopped working (properly) and you had nothing to do with it.

people are such dickheads sometimes.
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Indeed a strange reason. Normally you only use your warranty when your S9 is broken by a factury failure.. But for the direct transfer, you have to send in your broken player to the shop where you bought it, and about 3 weeks later you get your repaired/exchanged device back. So no direct transfer possible. You can copy your Music folder from your S9 to your PC and directly copy it back once you got your S9 back from repair..
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Plug your S9 into your PC. It will show up as a removable drive. Open it up, find the music on it, then copy the music to your PC. Now throw the 2-year old S9 in the trash and go buy a new player to copy that music back over to.
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Just pointing out here, he never said it was broken, or not broken.

Possibly he is looking to get his much loved music of a broken device?

Then again; I don't put it past some people to try and get a new device out of a company.
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About once every few months I back up all of the settings into a folder I created on my desktop called Cowon S9 Backup. You could create the same folder on your pc, copy everything from your Cowon to that folder and then copy the settings, etc. plus all of your music to your new player when you get it.

If you know the location of your music folder you can open up windows explorer and copy all of the music on your S9 the music folder on your pc. It will ask you if you want to overwrite. I would just do a copy and paste or a drag and drop from the music folder on your cowon to the music folder on your pc. Does this make sense?
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