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Help Newcomer to Archos tries the A43IT

A bit of history: I'm a big Creative guy. Started with the Zen Micro, went to the Vision:M, another Vision:M, another...still have one...somewhere in there a warranty credit was applied to get a Vision W, on which I purchased another extended warranty.

I'm having difficulties with the W and since I rarely use it anyway (size makes it impractical for ANYTHING, I'm finding) I'll be sending it in. In place of it I'll be given a gift card for the store I bought it from which sells the A43IT also.

The store didn't have any of the 43s on display so I was recommended to just buy it, try it for 30 days and see if I like it...if not, return it, no problem, so that's what I've done. In only the first few hours having it I've really grown to like it, but I have some concerns:

1) Fit and Finish. It seems like the case doesn't fit together very well. On the left and right sides, the gap between the two halves of the shell is a bit wide (maybe 1/32 of an inch or something...can see through it, at least). Is this a common problem with these models? Edit: answered my own question with this picture from the Archos site. At least the unit in the photo is not like mine so I'll try to swap it for another.

2) Use as a Skype/Gmail phone. Not experienced with Android or devices like this, so can anyone tell me, in a nutshell, if it can be used for these purposes with ease?

3) Micro USB reliability. This is the first device I've used that has micro USB and it's a very fragile looking connector. Has anyone with a 43 broken it yet?

4) Kickstand reliability. I don't plan to use this feature much, but if I do use it from time to time, is the (seemingly friction-based) latch that holds it retracted likely to wear out and have it start flopping around?

I think that's just about that. Oh, anyone know why Facebook for Android won't login for me?

Thanks for any input

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