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Default Major J3 File Tagging Problems

Hey everyone! This is my first post here. I've lurked on this forum a bit as part of my decision making process before purchasing a new mp3-player--I eventually went with the Cowon J3. I'm very happy with the sound quality, but I'm experiencing some major problems with getting my files properly tagged and ultimately that's a complete deal breaker for me.

When I listen to music, I almost always listen to entire albums, the tracks being in the order they were meant to be listened to. Before my J3, I had a 16gb Sony Walkman A series, I do believe. When I got it and over the time I used it, I went through the painstaking process of getting all of my music tagged properly, and organized into folders in a MUSIC->Artist->Album->Song structure. When I got my J3, I copied this entire hierarchy of music on to my computer, and the proceeded to copy it again onto my J3. This is when the problems started.

Here are the problems I seem to be having:
-On some albums, the track number tag info simply will not be heeded, and the songs are instead put into alphabetical order (something I would never want) for the album they're in, or in some cases, are put into a random order that is neither alphabetical nor what the tags designate.
-The previous problem is not entirely new to me--it's something I've experienced in the past on my Sony Walkman as well. The way I would resolve it at that time is by putting the track number before the name of the song in the name tag of the file (that is, 01 Track One, 02 Track Two. . . 10 Track Ten, etc.) Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to be working in all cases on my J3. With many albums, even though the tracks are being organized into alphabetical order by name, I'm ending up with this:

02 Track Two
03 Track Three
04 Track Four
05 Track Five
06 Track Six
01 Track One

I truly do not understand why track names beginning with "01" insist upon settling in at the bottom of the list rather than in their logical position at the top. Is this some kind of known glitch?
-Worst of all, with some albums, certain track's "artist" and "album" tags are not even being read, and they're being dumped into an "unknown" category. I've no idea how to rectify this.

Now, I haven't fooled around with trying to solve every problem, but I've tried solving some, and I'm coming up against dead ends. I've used mp3 tagger to completely clear out the tag information for one album of files, for example, and manually re-entered it all--the track-number tags still are being completely ignored and if I put the track number at the beginning of the track name tag, it still gets listed the incorrect way. Furthermore, my computer as well as my previous mp3 player have no problems at all reading the tag info on any of these files, so I'm forced to assume the problem must be with the J3.

Now, there is some variety in file type through-out my collection. For example, one of the albums that I'm having trouble with "Funeral" by "Arcade Fire" is in aac format because it was initially ripped years ago using iTunes. I may try converting the files to mp3's and see if the problem persists, unfortunately I'm assuming it will because I already have other mp3 files that aren't having their tags read properly.

Does anyone have any idea what could possibly be going wrong here, or if there is any way to fix it? At the very least I'd like to be able to have my track number preceded name tags appear in the correct order, not with the first track on the end of the list. I guess it's folder view for now.
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