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Default Messed up Zune [SOLVED]

OK so just a few hours ago, my Zune would stop connecting to the internet. and if i just opened up the browser, the screen would stay completely black and unusable unless i exited the browser or restarted the zune. Now it would not connect to the Zune software until i restarted it (no i had not been playing an third party apps). Then the zune software froze and would not sync or recognize it, but the Zune showed "Connected". Then i had to force quit the software but the Zune kept showing "Connected". I disconnected the cable and the screen stayed the same until i restarted it. It still will not connect to the internet or show up the internet screen and i have yet to attempt to sync it again.

any ideas?

Ok so i tried it again. it would show up on the Zune software but it would say "connect device to sync and for more options"
or something like that. I went to device settings and it showed info but after i disconnected it, it will no longer recognize it. The Zune itself still says connected.

Please help :// I could cry. That's how much i love my Zune.

edit: I guess i have to reset the device. Someone on Zuneboards has had the same problem twice. This sucks

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