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Originally Posted by Thite1195 View Post
Hey, i agree with that, i mean i don't want that dave tell us when is going to come out of anything, but, dave is there any chance that we get a official note app 4 the zune?
So RogueMat was working on one for a while - honestly, if someone can put one together of decent quality, I'll happily scrub it, tidy up the artwork and publish it for you!

Originally Posted by Mr. Popo View Post
Hes got a point Dave, ive always been on your side when it came to defending the "app situation," but it does seem pretty silly that the full SDK wasnt released. what harm could it possibly do?
No harm - it's just that the full SDK with additional extensions have drivers and code that don't belong to MSFT - they've come from hardware vendors that provided components in the device. Unfortunately, we don't have licenses from them to just hand out the SDK freely - we can do so under a sub-licensing agreement of our own (which is how the apps you see got developed), and I'm willing to let folks who have a serious app or game "have at it", but I need that agreement signed and evidence that it won't just be posted online somewhere for all to download.

I wish it were otherwise, but again... see my comments about the device not being designed for an open and public app marketplace. The devil of that statement really is in all the details (such as this one).

Cheers, Dave.
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Originally Posted by RagingDaemon View Post
Portable Perfection isn't even featured under its website splash page...
You mean it isn't anymore?

"Portable Perfection" was the slogan the Zune HD went by at its debut. It's not surprising Microsoft abandoned it, though...

Some remnants of that simpler, more promising time:
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ok, that makes sense, so if one of the homebrew devs could prove to you that they where using it for a legitimate purpose, they could have the full SDK?
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Just going to add my 2c in here...
People are always going on about how Microsoft dropped the ball, and one of their main complaints is that they didn't release the fabled SDK.
That really is just a naive response. What does it provide that you can't do in straight XNA? Yeah, 3D, maybe some extra sound/media access, and some helper stuff.
But now look at the current games/apps on the device...what you should realize is that most of them have no features that are only in the SDK - or couldn't be done without it.

So now could everyone stop continually bringing this up - and just try understand than MS DID GIVE US AN SDK...called XNA.

Regarding the notes application, yes I was working on it. My job at the time started getting in the way of everything. I eventually quit actually when my average work day was expected to be +-20 hours.
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