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Default Cowon J3 Review (Updated 4/5/11)

When I got home from work today, I peered out the front door to see my Cowon J3, fresh from Amazon, waiting for me! So now I have decided to post my first impressions and a review with pictures in a few days.
The first thing that caught my eye was the unique packaging. It is shaped like a cone, and apparently is designed to be a flower pot after you are done using it! Well congrats to Cowon for their strange effort toward the “Green” movement. Anyway, the box is one of the best boxes I have ever seen, and is made completely out of plastic. The Cowon J3 is on one side, and the accessories are on the other. In the cap thing there is the manual CD.
The gorgeous J3 is incredibly thin and light, and has lots of tactile buttons. The build quality is quite good, although i personally wish Cowon had put more effort into making supports for things such as the loose battery.
User Interface:
The UI is very responsive, and I love it! I like that it has three different designs, and that you can use UCIs to customize to your liking. I personally like to use the Aero Music UCI. In the "Smart Widget" UI, I think that the widgets could be more useful, such as when you tap the clock, it brings up the clock settings, and when you tap the memory, it should bring up the information screen, etc. In the dynamic square, i found something interesting. For some reason, Cowon decided to add support for 5 pages of icons. I don't know why, as there are no apps or other icons to put there. Maybe Cowon should make more apps?

Amazing. Simply put, the sound is incredible. I may not be an audiophile, but the sound is just so clear and rich. The Jet-effect 3.0 and BBE+ really enhance the music, and features such as "X-Bass, and Mach3bass" allowed for powerful bass that wasn't overwhelming. If you own any Cowon device, you'll know just how good the sound and sound effects are.

Video and Pictures
The Amoled screen is extremely vibrant and stunning. Videos and pictures look great. The video application is extremely complete, and has many various settings that i haven't all used yet. The photo viewer is also quite good, with auto rotation (via the accelerometer)

Battery Life

The battery is great. Using the J3 on a daily basis, with video and music (for about 2~3hrs a day) the J3 lasted 2 weeks. I set the backlight to 2 though, so your time may vary based on the settings

Other Features
Theres not much to say about the other features. The notepad can draw simple pictures (like paint) the typist records simple notes. The documents can view .txt files. The stopwatch and calculater... are just that. And "Hunter" is a accelerometer based game, where you have to navigate an animal head without hitting rocks or something. The only thing i really find useful is the flash player, which provides access to hundreds of flash games/apps.

Overall, the J3 is simply amazing, and the best player ever!

Photos (more on a seperate post):
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