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Default Headphones or IEMs ?

Im planning to buy new headphones for around 150$
i have searched many IEMs but i decided to think about portable headphones too
the size doesnt matter at all but i need isolation im going to use them with sansa fuze with no amps usually in home
the most important thing here is that which one is more enjoyable and fun to listen or has better sound quality ?
i mainly listen to HipHop R&B Blues Jazz a little proggressive rock and trance
here is my list:
i know its a stupid question but im completely new in this things and dont have any idea how a good headphone or iem sounds
i posted this in few threads and nobody answered so please help me as i dont know where to find the answer....excuse my bad english
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If you're going to be using them mostly at home then IMO you shouldn't get a pair of IEM's. I don't use my IEM's at home at all, don't really see the point. Well the only headphones I can recommend (and have) are the JVC Flats or Pioneer SE-M390. Both are pretty cheap, but sound good if paired with a good EQ.

Marvin also would probably recommend the PortaPros, but I've never tried them....
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Yea, I agree with what McDougal said about IEMs not being a great idea if just for home use. But, if you choose to go the IEM route, I can vouch for the HJE900. They're simply incredible and wonderful headphones, but I'm sure similarly priced supra-aurals would probably have better sound and be better for home use.

Much luck,
- Justin
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Caaaaaaaaans, not the HJE900's.
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thanks for replying
yes i'm going to use them at college or home.....i just want to sit and relax when i'm working or when i want just liten to music
so just want the one that is more enjoyable
as i said i want use them with my sansa fuze(no amps) and saw a lot of great reviews for ATH-m50s anyone heard them?
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