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Default Can J3 firmware be locked?

Does anyone know if it is possible to lock a Cowon J3 to a certain firmware version? After a "repair" by Cowon I am no longer able to return it to my preferred version, 3.23.

After problems with the file system and very poor battery life I sent my J3 DMB (bought from Korea) to Cowon Germany who agreed to repair it. It was returned with FW 2.23 installed and when I try to reinstall the 3.23 DMB FW (pasting the three bin files directly into the root folder) nothing happens. I also tried with the earlier 3.21 FW. The J3 turns back on as normal after this instead of updating and displays 2.23, seemingly ignoring the new files.

Can it have been locked somehow, turning it into a non-DMB version?? I can;t find any discussions on this and no-one on iaudiophile can help. Cowon Germany are not answering my emails.

Whatever Cowon in Germany did, the battery life is still dreadful. About 10 hours.
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Have you tried to format it ? (Use SD Formatter from panasonic)

Perhaps it'll fix the problem .

But i'm not sure at all.
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I do not think it can be locked, are you sure you are connected in MSC mode to do the fw upgrade? If that's not the case, the only other way I think it's possible would be using Tcctool, google it up or there's a big thread on iaudiophile here.

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Thanks for those suggestions. I did try formatting the device with the Panasonic software. This did not help. I have made sure I am in MSC mode as always but it makes no difference. I can't really understand it as I have changed firmware many times over the past few months until settling on one I like.

I will try the TCCtool I suppose as I have no doubt invalidated the Korean seller's warranty by having it repaired by Cowon Germany (who incidentally have ignored my emails asking them to explain what was done to the device when they "repaired" it).
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This was solved by a user on iAudiophiles who suggested renaming the bin files to match the format of the 2.xx FW. Thanks for your help.
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