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Default Pc Gamers, Which mouse to choose???

so im currently upgrading my computer, and in the process wanted a new gaming mouse. ive just been using the crappy one that came with it for a while. now i don't know which one to buy. it's down to 2 choices.

Cyborg R.A.T. 5

Cooler Master Sentinel

i was leaning toward cyborg, then read some bad reviews, and since ive used the Sentinel before, i'm now leaning towards it. if anyone had used either any input would help
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I cant comment on those mice. I've only used like half of all the razer mice.
(And this reaction wasnt that useful, but I felt sorry that no-one responded.)
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Are you sure you want to get down to those 2 choices? Both seem technically good but also give a 'cheap' feeling, durability, comfort etc. I would advice you to perhaps have a better look at Razer, Logitech and SteelSeries ones.

I personally prefer Logitech and SteelSeries over Razer but it's all a matter of comfort/ergonomics in the end as they are all good mice brands. I'm currently an owner of a Logitech G9, and quite happy with it.

But if I had to chose between those two, I would say the Sentinel one.
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I've read some reviews of the Rat mouse, it seems to be a bit unrefined, buggy and "beta" so far. Sure looks all nice, technocratic and Batmobile-like, but way too expensive for a trial & error buy.
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Maybe its just me but that RAT mouse is probably the ugliest damned thing I've seen. Maybe in person it looks cool, but in the pics it looks horrible.

My friend just picked up a Logitech G700, I know wireless isn't the desired thing for most gamers but I like how many 'hot keys' it has.

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That Rat looks like it would be oh so fun to clean after a few days of gaming :P As for that sentinel, LEDs become annoying, really fast. Especially if you have to be looking at them constantly, they don't look half as cool in real life as they do in photos.

Just get a Logitech MX518, its a classic, most gamers have sworn by it for ages and its cheap. I'm on my 2nd, and not because the first broke (It just got really worn looking) but because I found a 2nd one for really cheap on sale and think its as good as any other mouse.
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