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Default Rockbox Themes issue on newly flashed Clip+

Hey everyone,

Long story short I've had to send back my old 'Rockboxed' Clip+ because the headphone socket went faulty. I received my new one last night and installed Rockbox straight onto it.

I don't know if this makes any difference but the install of Rockbox used cached versions of some downloaded files (themes and fonts) rather than downloading them fresh again. It is/was the latest version of Rockbox though (3.7.1 I think from memory).

Everything seemed to install OK and my usual theme of choice is pacman (yes I know I'm a geek!) but when I selected it on the Clip+ none of the fonts changed at all. Some of the themes would change font (as in be a physically different font altogether, not standard) - but some of them wouldn't do anything at all when selected. The reason why I noticed is that the position of the volume and clock is in a different position than it should be, also instead of the volume appearing as a number it's continually stuck as the 'volume triangle' if you know what I mean. As I said, some themes will change around, but some of them (including pacman sadly) just sit there when selected.

So I connected the Clip+ back up, cleared out the cache folder on Rockbox and tried to reinstall the fonts package and the themes I was looking for. Again when I disconnected the Clip+ the themes wouldn't change round properly, so does anyone have any thoughts why this would've happened?

edit: apologies but I didn't see the specific forum for Rockbox Clip+, very sorry...

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