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Default Purchasing decisions - can you help?

These following questions are fairly tiny, maybe inconsequential. I have no idea why they seem to matter to me, but ... they do. I'd be really grateful for any observations you can make that will maybe give me a (gentle) whack on the side of the head.

I'm going to buy a Cowon J3. What I can't decide is:

1) Black or white?

(I haven't physically seen the white one, and there doesn't seem any way to at the moment. I live in Australia, and Cowon has a distributor here, but no presence in physical retailers.)

2) 16GB or 32GB?

(I doubt at any one time its storage capacity would ever be full. And I'm not likely to go through even 16GB of files in one sitting, even of the listen-once-only radio dramas I rather enjoy. But I don't want to have to connect the device and load a new library every day. Plus, I am buying the Cowon partly because of its wide support for lossless formats, so I'm inclined to think the extra elbow room for the larger individual files will be nice. Weighed against that, though, are comments I've read about slow start-up times, and how fairly obviously it takes longer to scan 32GB of files than 16GB. How much is the scan time an issue?)

3) APE format

(I had a few moments' play with a 16GB J3 at the distributor's office yesterday, but it seemes the unit was faulty and the whole thing fell in a heap. I'd taken some sample files in on an SD card to play with, but the device refused to read the APE files (version 3.99, normal compression). Have others experienced this, or are there limitations with APE files I need to be aware of? The FLAC files and 320KB MP3s had no issues at all.)

4) Which case?

Here in Australia, there is the choice of the hard plastic shell for $18 (which doesn't protect the screen) or the official "leather" (I'm assuming it's vinyl) cover for $45, which does, but looks cumbersome to me. I've confirmed with the Ringke people they will ship to Australia, so that's another option - that doesn't protect the screen directly either, but may help in the "glass lifting off" issue I've read a bit about. The Cowon distributor doesn't have access to the "jelly" covers, so I have no idea what they're like. How necessary do you find it to have the screen covered?

I know, pretty small bikkies, but I'd appreciate any thoughts you may be willing to share.
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