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Old 02-19-2011, 09:19 PM
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Default Recommend me Headphones and some advice

As of now I am getting fed up with my skullcandies. I've wen't through a dozen in under a year and now the titans aren't really delivering what I am looking for. alright enough ranting now some recommendations......
I mainly listen to Metal and Prog(Rush). well 99% of the time. Mainly extreme stuff like Megadeth and Morbid Angel with the classics like Maiden and King Diamond. I am looking for a pair with a rich bass to the extent that it is easily noticeable, with having the vocals and guitars not sound with the drums being good of of course. I use a zune hd and the hip-hop preset gives the bass a huge boost and the other instruments to sound a bit warmer. But I am on a budget. I am thinking of getting headphones in the 60$ range as my limit and earbuds lower than 40$. If there are some that are a little bit higher or even lower please tell. Also need to be durable of course after going through the many skullcandyies.

Now could I have some clarification that do in-ear's damage your ears more than headphones or does it really matter. Also which one is considered more for having better sq.
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