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Default Zune HD Clock Radio/Dock

Bummer that the Zune HD accessory market is pretty weak these days. Have been looking for a Clock Radio/Dock for one of my kid's Zune HD.

Does anyone have one of these rare beasts? There are several, but I cannot confirm that the HD will fit or work, as 99% seem to be from the pre HD era
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I use the iHome - works great... At work I have a Kicker, which is even better.

Cheers, Dave.
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Yea, if you're looking to go cheap, get an iHome. If you want a little bit pricier an alternative (with justified sound), go with a Kicker ZK150. By the way, if I'm not mistaken, pre-HD Zunes and ZuneHDs both use the same jack for the USB plug, so I'm fairly certain that it will work. Be ware, though, that some remote functionality is lost. You'll still be able to skip track, change volume, and pause/play, but you won't be able to navigate menus using the remote with an HD where you would with a legacy device.

Much luck,
- Justin
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