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Default Zune HD Dock options and remote function questions


I have a Zune HD 16, 32, and soon to be another 16 for my daughter. I have various v2 docks around the house to sync, charge and hook into stero systems in different rooms. However, on one of the dock v2 kits it came with a remote. I see that there is a few remotes around on the web. Mins the most basic looking one with no clean cover, and its no the newer HD remote. It does not work with my HD, even when using tv output via RCA.

Is there any cheap dock remote that will let me change songs on the HD when just docked outputting audio.

if not, will the HD dock (expensive one) let me nav the menus even if im not using tv output?
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You can't navigate menus with an HD using any remote; only through touching the actual screen. You should be able to find one that can change songs.

Much luck,
- Justin
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Is there a known working remote that will change songs while in dock but not outputting to tv?
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im prety sure the kicker docks do.
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Default Remote for Zune HD on V2 Dock

Hope this thread isn't too old. Came up high on google and I have an account here, so thought I would post my experience.

You do not need the new V3 dock if you just need playlist control on the dock.

I just got an HD and tested this in my V2 dock that came with a remote. I think it was the V2 A/V pack, but don't recall the exact one.

The remote has a d-pad, center button in the dpad, back, and play buttons.

I have the zune dock plugged into a headphone amp and no video out.

The V2 zunes (had 120gb and 8gb) could be completely controlled by the remote on this dock.

The HD i just have to use the touchscreen to get it into a playlist then i can use the play/pause button to start/stop music, up/down does volume, and left/right changes songs. There is no visual indication on the volume.
Back and center buttons do nothing.

So while you can't get a playlist started with the remote once you are playing music you can move through the playlist and control volume.
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I have the Zune Dock V2, you can check out my video review of it on my YouTube channel: Electronicnerdhelp.. the Zune Dock V2, does let you change songs using its remote... before you can do that, start the music, plug it in the dock, and it'll let you change songs, lower, and higher volume.
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