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Old 02-16-2011, 02:02 PM
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Default RE0 vs. Hippo VB!? (Use for Cowon J3) (NZ!)

After purchasing my Cowon J3 and enjoying the control over the EQ, I find I'm having to push the Bass up to 8 and have a fair bit of tweaking over the high-mids to stop my dinky little Sony MDR-EX71's sounding too thin or harsh (I assume these are bad headphones, right?).

I had my heart set on a set of Hifiman RE0's after hearing all the good things about them, but after reading up on them some more I'm not so sure. I've heard the bass is lacking in them, even though they have great mid range and highs, so I've got two options as far as I can see.

Get the RE0's and rely on the tweaking provided by the J3 to handle my bass needs (anyone with a J3 + RE0, I need your input! how much do you need to tweak to accommodate the 'phones?), or let you lovely knowledgeable chaps handle an alternative recommendation.

My budget is preferably under 100, or that of the price range of the RE0.

I was looking at the Hippo VB, but I just cannot seem to get them at all in the UK.

Along the same note, I've left this a little late since I'm flying to New Zealand next week and shall be staying there for a long while. Does anyone have any tips for either shipping to NZ or any good outlets/internet sites over there?

Thanks in advance.

Edit: I've boiled it down to either the RE0's or the VB's.

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