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Default What are your 5 favorite j-rpgs ?

I first started with j-rpgís when I was very young, around 6. The first one I played was final fantasy one, I ended up getting a multi cart from a shady vendor from a German weekend market that had a few real games on a bootleg cart. The game was in English so I didnít understand much of what was going on in the story, but I did enjoy the battle system enough to move on to other games like it when I was older.

5) Chrono Trigger:

I was told by a friend that I needed a Japanese or US Super Nintendo if I wanted to get good console rpgs (publishers hate Europe :P), so I ended up picking a US model up at a local import shop with a 3 party ac adapter so I could play US games in the eu. This was in late 1995, so the console was fairly cheap as everyone wanted a ps1 and the friend that recommended me the console also said I must have Chrono Trigger. So the console was cheap but I really had a hard time paying so much for the game, it was rather pricey from what I remember. Getting home I went straight to setup the system and play the game. About 4 hours into the game I was really quite elated on how much quality the game was, at least catering to what I liked at the time. A huge selling point was the DragonBall like art, the music, interesting story and characters were what kept me playing. The battle system was fairly well thought out and fun as well as the moves than sync with other party members. Still to this day I love to play it , Just started the DS port and find the same levels of enjoyment out of it.

4) Final Fantasy 9:

I never really got into the series after the sixth game of the main flagship titles, though along came 9 and I decided to give it a try. For the most part it was the music I liked for it, I found some piano sheet music for the game at a local music shop and really liked how it was structured. The day after finding the sheet music I went looking for the game at local shops and found it. The back cover looked interesting enough so it was bought. It took me a little while to really get into it other than the excellent music and fairly decent graphics for the time. The main character was likable enough but I just didnít feel for any of the other characters until much later. Story wise it kind of is reminiscent of many other j-rpg stories but it was a combination of the music and main character that really allowed me to enjoy it. Also the environments were quite charming and kind of sucked me in. The only complaint was load times going into battle and out of it.

3) Dragon Quest 9:

This is a rather recent title, but it was sure great in what I love in a rpg. First off it is one of the few J-rpgs that actually shows the changes you make to a characters wardrobe. Also being able to fully customize a party rather than being stuck with pre defined party members is excellent (go fairy brigade! ). The battle system pairs nicely with making a balanced team and just a dungeon crawl can be hours of fun in itself. So far I put well over 100 hours into this game without getting bored. The story is a bit lackluster but it makes up with that in campy cuteness.

2) World ends with you:

Honestly I picked this up based on the pre order box art they had in a game shop. I am glad it turned out to be enjoyable though. I got hand cramps from playing this up to 10 hours straight one day, the battle system and the noise system were such a neat concept to bring in. Controlling more than one character at a time was also great. As the story goes, I really wanted to find out what was going on from just the first few minutes of the game, I guess this is what kept me hooked on the game.

1) Dark Chronicle / Dark Cloud 2:

Dark Chronicle is only the second game that level 5 made since opening shop, the first dark cloud was decent in my opinion but it wasnít that special either. Dark Chronicle was a mix of many game styles that just seem to work well together. The item inventing system and city building aspects were quite a neat idea in how they helped you out. Also a time traveling system is used to progress plot points in the game, actions in the present from the city building aspect unlock things in the future. You are given the chance to travel between times at will as well. The main 2 characters are extremely likable as well, with the rest of the cast being interesting. The English voice over isnít bad at all, one of the best of the time. I have just picked the game up again and it stands to be over 8 years old and the graphics to this day are still quite impressive. Level 5 chose to go with cell shading and it sure does age nicely. Music is the other thing I want to bring up , the sound track is excellent as well. I hope level 5 will bring another game into the series that is part of the dark cloud universe.
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