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Default J3 in-Pocket Usage

Hey guys,

Sorry if this has been asked before, but I wasn't able to find it via the search function.

Now that Cowon has switched from using a slider to a button for the hold-function, has any of you J3 users encountered accidental un-"lock"ing of their players when they are in their pockets?

I'm thinking about getting a J3 to replace my S9, but I'm concerned about that side-mounted hold button. Since the S9 (and the J3) is so slim, I usually put it in my pocket side-by-side either with my phone or with my key wallet.. I'm just picturing that button on the J3 mashing up against either of these objects and then either unlocking or turning off the J3.

Any insights?
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It never unlocked accidentally for me. The button is *much* better than their usual sliders, IMO. Also the improvement that the player automatically goes into hold/lock mode when the screen turns off is really good.

From my review:
The best improvement Cowon made with the J3 is the power button. Almost all Cowon players before the J3 had a slider that turned the player on and doubled for a hold switch. While this was ok, the J3’s push-button is just better, much more elegant, in my opinion. A long push turns the player on or off, a short push engages hold, a second short press turns the screen off. While the screen is in hold mode, the buttons can still be used, which is immensely practical as well.
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Thanks, dfkt.. now I'm just waiting for the local supplier to get some 16GB models in.. I swear every store here is out of the 16GBs
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never been a problem for me either. If you are worried though, get a silicon skin. I did sometimes press the volume/skip buttons while moving it in/out of my pocket but since I put a skin on I've not done that.
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