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Help RE1 or RE0

Hey Guys
please help me out with this:
I'll be buying new IEMs next month (on my birthday hehe), and i had previously decided to go for RE-0s. but in the listing i saw that the cost of the RE0s is eqaul to the cost of the RE1s. the RE0s are 64Ohms and the RE1s ate 150Ohms. I have the following setup: Sansa Fuze V2, FiiO E3, a HomeMade CMoy built around the OPA3123PA, and a Headbanger Amp, based on 2 LM386s.The HeadBanger's Max output is
375mW into 8-ohms
and the CMoy's, i dont know. now i cannot decide what i should go for...the RE0s or the RE1s?
also, i noticed the RE0s are ranked number 1 here on this forum, but in another post at another forum, some people were recommending RE1s than RE0s. I cant decide now...what to do?also, if i buy the RE1s and use them through the amps i have, would they be good? would i be doing justice to the phones?
Please note, i wont be able to invest in an Amp straightaway, and given the impedance, the RE1s sure would need an amp.

Thanks in advance
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