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Default An odd podcast issue

For a while now, I have had an odd issue with podcasts. It will take me a minute to try and describe what happens, but I will try to be clear...

Occasionally while playing a podcast on my ZHD, the audio will suddenly change to the audio from something else (usually another podcast, but it is not unusual for it to become the audio of a song that is loaded on my HD). The majority of the time it will never switch back to the original audio, but occasionally it will. The screen art never changes and displays the correct art for the podcast I selected, it simply switches to the audio to something else on the device as if it were "spliced in" like an old cassette. This problem comes up now and again and has since I bought it last April. The only way to correct it is to re-sync with my computer. Even then a simple re-sync is not always effective. Sometimes I need to delete the podcast from the device (change my transfer settings) and then transfer it back. The most frustrating part is that the only way to guarantee myself several weeks to a couple of months without this occurring is to reinstall the firmware (even go as far as to delete all content, forget the player, reinstall firmware, then reload). I am a heavy podcast listener and it is what I spend about 1/2 my time using the HD for.

Anyone have any ideas? I love this device and it is better overall than any of the other MP3 players I have used over the years (several iPods, 3 Creative players, Archos, Sansa, iRiver and even going back to a Neuros I). This issue is just a very frustrating and ultimately time consuming problem. Particularly if I go the complete wipe and reload route (can take a full weekend before all is said and done including bio's, pics, etc).

Thanks in advance.
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