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Old 02-11-2011, 02:14 PM
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Default Can someone help me to choose wireless headphones?

Hello everybody

This is my first post, sorry if I'm doing something wrong. Sorry also for my errors (English is not my primary language).

I'm looking for help about choosing a wireless headset. There are some things that make it difficult for me to find one:

1) I'm not at all an expert in these things, so I have no idea what to search for
2) My budget is not huge, so my choices are very limited
3) I live in Italy, and other than having a lot higher prices compared to the rest of world, most products here are not available at all

There is another very important factor that is making this choice very difficult: I need absolutely an open type headset, because the closed one cause me a lot of troubles (I wear glasses, and every time I try a close type headset, the compression over earlobes after few minutes becomes quite painful, so I can't use the closed type at all).

I read the guidelines about asking for help, and I'll try to answer questions as clearly as possible

Price Range: I'd like to remain under €100 (about 135 U.S. dollars)

Type/Design: If I understood correctly this feature, I'd say full size.

Open Style: As I already explained, open Style is a must for me, but I could be wrong. Currently I never was able to find a closed type headset that was not compressing my earlobes and not becoming painful after few minutes, so if someone know a workaround for this problem, I'm open to suggestions

Circumaural: I'm not sure I understood exactly what is this feature, but I think that I don' mind if earpads are circular or ellipsoid.

Supra-aural: If I understood correctly, every open type is supra-aural, i.e. pads that sit on top of the ears, rather than around them. If I'm wrong, then sorry, I'm not able to answer this question

Primary location of use: I will use these headset at home.

Preferable SQ or Sound Signature: Sorry, I'm not able to answer this question, because I have no idea what it means

Media: Even if now and again I like to listen basically every music genres (from jazz to heavy metal), for the most I listen for classical music. I'd say than 90% is classical, and the remaining 10% all the remaining.

I don't know if is relevant, but often I use headphones also when watching for movies, not only for concert DVDs.

Source: I will use the headset with the computer.

I hope that I explained everything clearly, but let me know if more information are needed.

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