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Page PS3-Keys...

Appoligies to forum owner/moderators, I'm doing this to show support to the ps3 community.
stickying this thread would not only advertise those sites linked,
it'll help others some way or another to find this information.
there may also be other benifits... don't know of any yet (thanks in advance)

anyway to the world, here are the keys:

erk: C0 CE FE 84 C2 27 F7 5B D0 7A 7E B8 46 50 9F 93 B2 38 E7 70 DA CB 9F F4 A3 88 F8 12 48 2B E2 1B

riv: 47 EE 74 54 E4 77 4C C9 B8 96 0C 7B 59 F4 C1 4D

pub: C2 D4 AA F3 19 35 50 19 AF 99 D4 4E 2B 58 CA 29 25 2C 89 12 3D 11 D6 21 8F 40 B1 38 CA B2 9B 71 01 F3 AE B7 2A 97 50 19

R: 80 6E 07 8F A1 52 97 90 CE 1A AE 02 BA DD 6F AA A6 AF 74 17

n: E1 3A 7E BC 3A CC EB 1C B5 6C C8 60 FC AB DB 6A 04 8C 55 E1

K: BA 90 55 91 68 61 B9 77 ED CB ED 92 00 50 92 F6 6C 7A 3D 8D

Da: C5 B2 BF A1 A4 13 DD 16 F2 6D 31 C0 F2 ED 47 20 DC FB 06 70

google sites copy:
Archosfans (assuming they still don't mind):
obvious site (no copy here):

to the moderators:
If Sony complains or threatens, You have no control over the "Random Chat" section as you dont look there often

PS i dont like piracy, my cage was rattled when a game i brought removed OtherOS through an update
appoligies for any offences caused
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