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Originally Posted by Ajaxmonkey View Post
I use the internet through usb most of the time, but I am at school during half the day Mon-Fri(I have wifi there). will that hinder me in any way?

Cheers, Dave.
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Thanks for the information.

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@Dave-Mac: Wish I owned a ZuneHD! Still I just wanted to say that I am happy to see something like this. A great idea IMO - I very much like the grassroots angle you are taking here.

I highly encourage people to sign in and help Dave and MS with this. Do not be put off by the NDA - this is a standard business practice document, one I am sure many of you will encounter at some point in your lives.

Stick to the rules of the NDA and be part of something, even if only a small part.
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This sounds really cool! I don't think I'm gonna apply, though. I don't trust myself to keep quiet. Dave, is this by chance the "non-game content" that you were talking so highly of in the "has making apps come to a halt" thread? I understand completely if you can't say (I have no idea how strict that NDA is)
- Justin
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So you have to physically sign this thing? =( I hate mailing stuff back so ill just wait for the app =)
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Email sent sir!

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Email sent. I would love to test apps. I spend a decent amount of time on each app downloaded on the market place pointing out a few problems and whatnot.
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I commute on train for about 2 hours daily so this would be perfect for me. Email already sent by the way.

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Email sent Dave

Waiting for your response..Cheers

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Done, email sent Dave.

Regardless of whether I am picked or not - I would just like to say to all the abi readers out here - and especially to those that get picked;

This is a great opportunity. Don't F$#K up for others, the chance for future opportunities like this by screwing Dave over.

I for one am all for more of this in the future where worthwhile. It provides MS with a <passionate> user base for feedback - and rewards the efforts of a particular <generally> supporter base for the product.

Bring it on!


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Looks interesting! I'm going to think about it.

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bluecnc bluecnc is offline
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Email sent. Hope to be a part of something interesting. I work in control room at a chemical plant and have lots of time on my hands. Hence the purchase of the Zune HD.

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I'm curious. Is there a chance this app might never be released? As in reported to be useless or so broken the cost to fix it would be deemed too high? Or is beta testing at this point a sure indicator that the app is on the way?

BTW, if it's an email app you'll be my hero of the month, Dave!

Old 02-08-2011, 10:44 AM
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Perhaps this is somewhat of an indirect indication that the HD has not been completely abandoned by MS. Maybe there is hope for a new device sometime later in 2011. I am not too interested in apps, just good to hear that my HD has not been completely forgotten by MS.

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As a new (less than 24 hours) Zune HD user, im very glad to see this and even more surprised at your out reach. While i myself will not sign up for the testing (unable to participate in conference calls), i hope this process goes smoothly and POSSIBLY spurs even more development. Good luck!

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Email sent. I would really like to be a part of this project (hopefully I'll get the reply from Dave).
It's great that all of the rumors about MS abandoning ZHD were false (even though I ignored most of the time)

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Email sent --- thanks for reaching out to the community!

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I shall be the guineea pig

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Zune was always the one area I would love to test but it was never up on the betaplace or Microsoft's Connect site so I am glad we have this opportunity

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