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Talking Found some beta testers!

Hi guys:

As I've repeatedly commented on here, our development of apps & games has not stopped - we have some great stuff planned for this year. And, I'm doing the best I can to balance your ABi requests, with those of the broader community.

But now I need your help. I have an APP (not a game) that I would like some additional test coverage on before it releases. I'm going to have a manageable number of ABi folks help me, along with a similar number of non-Zune team MS employees. I'm looking for breadth - geographical, demographical and any other "aphical".

Here's the catch. You will need to sign an NDA before I can tell you anything about it. That's a "non-disclosure agreement" - ie: you will be sworn to secrecy until the app releases. You won't be able to post about it here, you won't be able to tweet, blog, SMS, email, Flickr, YouTube or anything else - it will be something you'll have to use exclusively by yourself without sharing or showing others.

If that seems too hard, and for many it will be - save yourself a heck of a lot of trouble, and pass on the opportunity. I'd rather not have to deal with lawyers chasing down an accidental tweet or Facebook post. But, if you're willing to use an app on a daily basis for a few weeks and work with me and the team to let us know if anything doesn't work - then I'd like to hear from you.

You'll need to have:

1) A Zune HD
2) Wifi connectivity
3) 15-30 mins a day to run the app and engage with our team (over email will be fine).
4) The legal ability to sign a US NDA document.

Note that I expect a number of people will be interested in this - so I'll be choosing based on criteria I mostly can't share right now. Being an ABi member with a history of mature and thoughtful posts (versus inciteful or misleading ones) will play in your favour, however.

Interested? Here's what I need you to do. Email me ( with these details:

1) Full name
2) Full address
3) A contact phone number
4) Your email address
5) Zune HD capacity (16/32/64GB)
6) Primary & secondary place of Zune HD usage (home/work/college/etc...)
7) Do you have wifi connectivity at either/both of your primary/secondary place of Zune HD usage?
8) Timezone (will likely set up a conf call - so like to know here in the world you are - GMT+/- X is an easy way to indicate this)
9) Over/under age of 18.

Don't send me an email with questions about the app that I can't answer. I will only share details about the app once you are BOTH selected and have signed an NDA.

If this sounds awesome, but you're nervous about NDAs, don't think you'll have time, etc, etc... don't worry - you'll be playing with the app very soon once released.

Thanks everyone - please, no questions to my email account, just here. Oh, and no "applications" here, just to my email account. The community doesn't need to see your applications, but they might be interested in your questions.

Cheers, Dave.
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