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Default e280 v.1: New problem with Rhapsody

Been using my e280 (not "R") v.1 with Rhapsody for quite some time now, transferring files to go, no problem.

Today, when I connected to Rhapsody (MTP mode), the Rhapsody program recognized the player for a second or two, then it "disappeared" from the Rhapsody menu, and the player froze up.

I was able to reboot the player after I disconnected it and it plays fine (including my previously-transferred Rhapsody files). I'm also able to connect to Windows in MSC mode just fine. Repeated the Rhapsody connection a couple of times, same result: disappears from the menu, player freezes, reboot it and it's fine.

Since it's just happened all of a sudden, I went to Rhapsody (thinking it might have been caused by some change on their end) and spent a good 30 minutes on chat with a Rhapsody tech. It was impossible for him to do much diagnosis, since the player disappears from the Rhapsody menu so quickly. But we did reconnect several times with the same result each time.

On one occasion, I was able to quickly get it to produce the Device Compatability report before vanishing. It said that everything was fine, that it was properly licensed, etc., but we did get one error message out of it: "This device's secure clock failed the status request. Error codes: 0x1, 0xc00d2772." I have no idea whether that is the source of the problem (as far as I can tell, that would only affect the expiration date of licensed tracks), but I can't even try to use the Rhapsody interface to fix that, since the player won't stay connected long enough.

Anyone have a similar experience? Is there a way to address the secure clock via Windows, since that connection works? Though as I say, I have no idea if that's the actual problem.

Absent another suggestion, I'll just delete the music files and reinstall the firmware, to see if that fixes it, but I'd love to know more about what's going on first.

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