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Question ATH-M50 - Worth Getting?


I currently use a JVC HA-RX900 for listening to music. The source is a Sansa Clip Zip (RB) clubbed with a FiiO E11 amp. I love the setup and the warm boomy sound signature of the RX900 really makes my ears happy.

Now, I was thinking about an upgrade down the line and my question is I have heard positive things about the Audio Technica ATH-M50. Will getting the M50 make a significant difference as regards to sound quality from the RX900's?

The ATH-M50 is priced at approximately $170 where I live and was wondering if it's going to be worth the upgrade over my current RX900's? It would be great as well if someone here who has used both of these headphones can let me know their verdict on each of them respectively.

Genres I listen to: Rock, Alternative Rock, Instrumental Rock, Country (got into this offlate), a lot of mixed 80's tracks, Instrumentals (Yanni and Richard Clayderman in particular), and occasionally Smooth Jazz.

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Hmm... can't really compare the M50s with the RX900, but I know that the M50s are quite comfortable and have pretty decent sound. I have no idea if it's an upgrade though, but you would probably have to burn them in a little to really know for sure. I prefer the DT 770s pro though as they weren't as heavy on the bass, but I can't see you go wrong with the M50s.

TBH I don't know for sure because when I tested both, they were both at less than 10 hours use. Now my 770s are probably in the hundreds of hours. I probably should borrow the M50s and try them again.
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I had a set of M50s, and loved them. I had them for about 2 years if I remember correctly. I got curious about other brands and bought a set of Beyerdynamic DT 880 and sold the M50s. They are great for venturing into cans (I used to be IEMs only), but the 880s are better, in my opinion.
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ath-m50, jvc ha-rx900

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