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Old 02-03-2011, 09:02 PM
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Default Phonak PFE or Panasonic HJE900 = Grado SR60?


sorry about the weird thread subject hehe i don't know if those IEM's are even comparable to the SR60 with regards to sound but anyway, i'm no expert and i'm just looking for good earphones that "sound like" or have similar characteristics as my SR60s because I'm so used to them already.

The phonaks are not sold here locally so i don't have any chance of sampling them. I was able to try the HJE900s but they should i say this....ordinary??? or maybe just not the same as the SR60s which i have gotten used to. i also didn't have too much time to listen to them because the shop clerk was beside me the whole time. might try again next time.

so if there is anyone who owns 3 of these phones or tried them, maybe they can point me in the right direction?

I use a Cowon D2 and use the BBE and EQ settings to boost the bass a bit for the SR60. I listen to mostly metal (prog, heavy, power) but i'd like the phones to be good at everything of course. if it helps, what i like about the SR60 is the detail (i can hear the instrument separation and how loud each instrument is being played. like the sound isn't coming to me in one big wave where i'm hearing everything at the same intensity. i sound like i'm on drugs hehe). don't like too much bass because it tends to drown out everything.

o yeah, and the SR60s also sound great with a PSP so i might also use the phones on the PSP too.

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