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Default Help me compare Archos 5/7

Ok, so I know there are some obvious differences:

5" vs 7"
5 has GPS and accelerometer, 7 doesn't
7 can be had for $150 (8GB), 5 is about $220 (16GB). Both have microSD slot tho, so I'm not concerned about built-in memory capacity difference really. What I really want to know is how the chips and performance compares. Like, if the 7 is laggy and unresponsive when browsing compared to the 5, i would be willing to fork over the extra cash and sacrifice screen space.

And before anyone comes by and says "Wait and get the new Archos stuff, its way better!", I should describe what I'm looking for in this product. I'm not looking for a tremendously full-featured ipad-killer or anything here. I just have about a $200 budget (could pull the $220 for the 5) for a new MP3/PMP device, and I wanted to get something that has some bonus functions like web browsing and email as well, like for when i'm at the hospital. I'm definitely getting either the 5 or the 7.

The main things i'll be using it for is playing FLACs/MP3s, watching subtitled animes, and checking my email and stuff. I don't have a separate GPS unit, so I would kinda like to get the 5 and have that added functionality when i need it, but I've heard mixed opinions on the GPS. Apparently you have to pay like $40 for the software? Are there any free alternatives? I would be willing to pay the extra money i guess, if it works well.

And I'm also wondering if the 5" screen will be enough to watch subtitled movies and such on without problem? I have pretty good eyesight, but i just dont want to be squinting to try to read the subtitles, ya know. So thinking about this gets me leaning towards the 7.

I guess the question in the end is whether or not the 5 is worth the loss of 2" of screen space and extra $70 for the GPS and whatever extras. If the 5 has a better chip and performs better, it would be worth it IMO, but I'm having a hard time figuring out if there is much of a difference.

Thanks for taking the time to read and (hopefully) respond!
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